About Us

BULGARI granite & marble was founded in 2003 by Ned Nedeltchev. From the very beginning, the company has expanded proportionally the products and services it offers and the volume of sales. Our speciality is indoor granite applications - counters, fireplaces, bathtub surrounds, floor tiles, but in the world of granite, there are no secrets for us.

BULGARI granite & marble offers a wide variety of stone colours and we might not offer every single granite on the market, but only the best in physical and mechanical quality, for instance - porosity, density, compression strength, modulus of rapture. Having access to state-of-the art technology and equipment - CNC, waterjet and obtaining our granite directly from over 40 Canadian, American, Brazilian, European and Chinese quarries, we can boast to offer unprecedented quality at the LOWEST possible prices and have the BEST price/quality ratio in Ottawa.